ThinkOfMe - Friendship starts with a compliment :)
ThinkOfMe is a fun, quick, simple, private and pressure free Friendship app. Just login with Facebook and your current public profile picture will be displayed to others for compliments. As you receive compliments from people around the world, simply start a conversation to make new friends. Sending and accepting messages will always be your choice.
More than 100,000 compliments are exchanged on ThinkOfMe daily. ThinkOfMe is first and foremost a friendship app for everyone (18+) (single, in a relationship or married). Over the years however, some friendships have developed into love. We are happy to share some beautiful stories of ThinkOfMe users travelling great distances to be with one another...
Netherlands / Serbia - Friendship to Relationship!
"In December 2010, we found each other on Think Of Me. Ana is from Serbia and I am from Netherlands. After 3 years of chatting and several previous attempts to meet, we were finally able to meet last year in August 2014. Since then, we've been in a long distance relationship and we have big plans to live together soon. As she was just here visiting for the past 2 weeks and left today, we would like to express our gratitude to Think Of Me for making this possible and bringing us together."
Netherlands / Philippines - Baby!
"In November 2012, I exchanged compliments with Jarlyn on Think Of Me. At the time, she was in Hong Kong and her location was showing as such. We lost contact a week later as our conversation was interrupted. In January 2013, we exchanged compliments once again. However, because we had different profile pictures, we didn't realize we knew each other until we recognized our stories. We chatted everyday ever since. In January 2014, I went to the Philippines for the first time (where Jarlyn lives) to visit her and her wonderful family. I discovered their beautiful lifestyle, which is very different from mine in the Netherlands. On this trip, we continued to really like each other and our love just became stronger. I returned once again to the Philippines for a second trip in October 2014 - love was in the air :) In late June 2015, in Toboso, Philippines, Jarlyn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my son Jade :) We are now planning to marry as soon as possible and will be bringing my complete family to the Netherlands: Jarlyn, James (her first child) and Jade. This would have never happened if it weren't for Think Of Me. We are really thankful... thank you very much for allowing us to find each other and creating such a beautiful baby and family."
Canada / Turkey - Love at first sight!
"It all started with a compliment and a wonderful smile on in June 2010. My only love Darral is from Canada and I, Sebnem, am from Turkey. Darral sent me a compliment and the first time I saw his photo I thought 'Oh, what a wonderful smile he has!'. It was so sweet and I felt like I knew him for a long time. We exchanged frequent messages and then he proposed to me in July 2010. When I read his proposal I could not believe my eyes and I kept on reading it again and again... Oh God! that was the second best moment of my life (after the birth of my daughter).. for sure I said YES!!! Without hesitation. We knew it wouldn't be easy but the divine gift of love we were given was worth the wait and we knew we could face all possible challenges. Darral came over to Turkey in April 2011 for 3 weeks. We got engaged! We've been away from each other for almost a year now but we constantly keep in touch. We will get married this spring. I feel so lucky to be with a man like him especially since he is putting all his efforts to make this possible. I'm so thankful for the day he sent me that compliment, I'm blessed with his love. We love each other like crazy (even our dog is in love with him). I am sure this will continue till the end of our lives and that we will all have a great and happy life together with our kids and family. For anyone who is giving up on life and love... please don't! The bad experiences you had in the past don't mean that you don't deserve to be loved and that there is no one for you. This just happens so you can realize the difference when you will finally meet the right one for you. Believe the timing of life, if something is not happening the way you want then be sure that God is still writing your happy story and something or someone really good for you is yet to come! Hugs to ALL! Thanks for the great job on!"
Sweden / Canada - Friendship to love!
"It all started with a compliment on Jorgen is from Sweden and I, Chantal, am from Canada. He sent me a compliment, I answered back. Couple of days later, the friend request followed. We started to chat and then one day, in June 2010, I went to Sweden to meet him. Since then, our story is still going on even through the distance. We love each other very much...."
South Africa / Jordan - Friendship to romance!
"I met Ibaa through on the 27th of April 2010 and we have been together ever since. Ibaa is from Amman in Jordan and I, Sanet from South Africa. In August 2010 I went to Amman to meet Ibaa and his family and a month later in September 2010 he came to South Africa to be with me. The day I met Ibaa was the best day of my life and for that I will always be grateful to"
U.S.A / England - Friendship to Engagement!
"My name is Crystal and my fiance's name is Richard. I am from Utah, USA and he is from England. We met on in August of 2011. I don't think we ever would have met if it weren't for He is the sweetest most amazing man and I'm so very lucky! The world really does seem smaller when I think about what the odds are of us meeting. What a blessing!"
U.S.A / Philippines - Friendship to Marriage!
"Congratulations to Maureen (Philippines) and Tanner (USA) who are now married after exchanging compliments 8,000 miles away through"
Africa / Canada - Friendship to Engagement!
"Just wanted to say Thank You so much! It all started with a compliment on Feb 7th 2011. Micheal is from Edo State in Africa and I'm from Newfoundland Canada. In Dec 2012, I went to Istanbul Turkey (were Micheal is living) and spent both Christmas and New Years there. We are now engaged to be married! Thanks again for allowing me to find my soul mate. I am very grateful!"
Norway / England - Friendship to Engagement!
"We met on in January 2011, then in April I went over to Mark in England, and now we are engaged and we got a little baby-boy together. And soon I, Marie, will move from Norway to England to spend my life with Mark"
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